October 2011

Vanquishing the Octopus of Attachment: The Brief Room Interview with Diane Christiansen

Michael Workman

Diane Christiansen has been working as an artist in Chicago for decades, with an evolving body of work that incorporates drawing, painting, music, video, animation and more. Most recently, her collaboration with Slovenian artist Shoshanna Utchenik has yielded an intense and sprawling body of interconnected drawing, painting and sculptural work conceived as a totalizing installation for...read more


March 2010
NewCity Art
Jason Foumberg

Winter keeps us indoors, and so it’s a good time for contemplation.
This past season, there’s been a blooming of art manifestos. When so muchfeels out of
control or beyond the purview of art—job loss, politics as usual,shrinking budgets and attention
spans for art—artists take their messageback into their own hands, just as they have done for
centuries, and address manifestos to the masses. As publishedonline, the Internet is the perfect
marriage of medium and message... read more


March 2010
Chicago Weekly
POST-ITS AND PUPPETS: Hyde Park Art Center's "Notes to Nonself" exhibit
Ryan Walach

As denizens of the neighborhood nurse their thirsty vehicles at the BP station on East Hyde Park Boulevard, just east of the Metra tracks, they can already hear it. Perhaps they are distracted by the hiss of the frothing pump or are inside buying a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos; but if you pause and look around, they all appear to be swaying to a subdued bass line and a chilling croon with no ostensible earthly source. Around the corner, the street is showered from above with dense light. Clouds and skulls dance before the sidewalk on a monolithic screen, accompanied by a tune that has already become to local residents disarmingly familiar... read more


February 2010
Fearless Art
When I first met artists Diane Christiansen and Shoshanna Utchenik, it was quite by chance. I was initially at the Hyde Park Art Center to see another exhibition in order to write a review about it. But I smelled the bright and rife beauty of paint and went to investigate.  A woman came out of the gallery, sensing my allure to the space, and asked me to enter. This would be my first of two face-to-face meetings with the artists responsible for the heady and pleasing installation Notes to Nonself in the Catwalk Gallery of the Hyde Park Art Center. Our official in-person interview was after their very well-attended opening on Sunday, February 7, 2010... read more