Katherine Desjardins has garnered critical attention for works that question social and political mores through re-purposing the vernacular language of 50's-era encyclopedias, coloring books and behavior-modification manuals. These complex, layered works are, in effect, palimpsests. They defy a superficial read and subvert the content of the original source material through layered juxtaposition.

Since arriving in Chicago from Boston in 2007, Desjardins has trained her eye on the city's industrial/agricultural complex as a nexus of transitivity rich with possibility for consideration as both metaphor for the provisionality of painting (and its relation to commerce)--as well as an experience of the urban sublime. With this new body of work, the city of Chicago becomes the palimpsest through which Desjardins walks, a la dérive.

Ultimately, this recent work is experiential: about transition from one place to another, cultural juxtaposition, and the collision between raw and refined, familiar and unknowable material.

Solo Project: Provisional Proposition/A site-specific drawing/performance at the intersection of art, meat, and commerce at kasia kay art projects gallery marks Desjardins' first solo project in Chicago. A living palimpsest--intended to delight and confound.