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Rim Lee show has a review by Artnet.com on the artnet tumblr page (April 10, 2014)



2012 Review

March 27, 2012

Click here for the link to Art Radar Journal's review of Rim Lee's exhibit at kasia kay art projects gallery.



2010 Review

May 28, 2010


Arts & Living

Exhibition to revisit contemporary Korean art


“The Costume of a Painter" by Bae Joon-sung will be on display at ``The Korean Eye:

 Fantastic Ordinary'' in July at the Saatchi Gallery in London.  Courtesy of Korean Eye.


 By Ines Min
Staff reporter

Korea's largest overseas contemporary art exhibition returns to London in July, but this time geared with new tactics ― the first comprehensive English-language book on contemporary art from the country and a fresh army of young artists.

"Korean Eye: Fantastic Ordinary," organized by Standard Chartered and Britain's influential Saatchi Gallery, returns for its second year, after its debut show in 2009 drew crowds of 250,000 in London. This year's exhibition will showcase 12 artists, including the 2009 JoongAng Fine Art Prize Winner Jeong Chae-gang and Perrier Jouet nominated artist Lee Rim.

"A refreshing and arresting selection of works serve as an interesting introduction, not only to Korean contemporary art, but to the general Korean culture and the country," said Nigel Hurst, director of the hosting Saatchi Gallery, at a press conference in Seoul last week. 

From sculptures made of melted-down tires by Ji Yong-ho and multi-layered portraitures of Marilyn Monroe and others by Kim Dong-yoo, the complex range of selected artists challenge previous conventions associated with Korean art in the outside world. 

Though the pieces may appear to deal with "mundane, day-to-day issues," Hurst said, each of the works confronts the topic in a "quite fantastic fashion."

Other notable pieces are by Jeon Joon-ho, who turns bank notes into hyper-realist art by adding impossible elements. On the back of a $20 bill, the figure of the artist himself can be seen washing the windows of the iconic White House in Washington D.C. Bae Joon-sung looks to combine the fantastical with the real by reinterpreting traditional Victorian-era settings with subtle, belying changes in the canvas. 

The artists ― narrowed down from 100 ― were chosen by a board of six curators, including the art specialist Rodman Primack, director of Hanart TZ Gallery Tsong-zung Chang and the art consultant Amelie von Wedel.

"The selected work promises to present an extraordinary exhibition," Hurst said. "But the feeling remains that we're only really scratching the surface in terms of Korean art."

Publishing house SKIRA will release the first English-language "Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art" in conjunction with the exhibition. The 400-page comprehensive book features 75 artists with a self-introduction, most of them translated from Korean.

Six features were contributed from art critics and organizers of the show, with essays from editor and Royal College of Art Honorary Fellow Serenella Ciclitira and art historian Lee Ji-yoon _ both members of the curatorial board. The internationally known Youngna Kim, a professor at Seoul National University and published art critic, also contributed a piece. 

"It's impossible to really know much about Korean contemporary art," said David Ciclitira, founder of Korean Eye and chairman of the Parallel Media Group. "So [the book] is to show as much diversity as possible."

Although the book will be released on July 5 at the London gallery, it will be available for public sale from October. The book will be sold by Internet shopping giant Amazon.com ($40.95).

Focus on sales has been downplayed this year however, as last year's organizing partner Phillips de Pury & Co. will not be present. The major auction house and dealer managed to sell several works in 2009, but this year's show will maintain a not-for-sale status.


"Korean Eye: Fantastic Ordinary" will be presented from July 3 to July 18 at the Saatchi Gallery, before moving to a venue in Singapore for two-and-a-half weeks in late September. The show will make its way to Korea by Nov. 1, in time for the G-20 Summit in Seoul. For more information visit www.koreaneye.org



2009 Review



May 22, 2009 


LEE RIM Confusion No.1, 2009 Oil on canvas.194 x 147 cm. (76 3/8 x 57 3/4 in).

Standard Chartered, Korean Eye and Phillips de Pury & Company announce the Korean Eye Moon Generation exhibition. The exhibition brings together a group of leading Korean contemporary artists and galleries to create an international selling exhibition of Korean contemporary art.

After previewing in Seoul in May, Korean Eye’s: Moon Generation will travel to London to be staged at the
Saatchi Gallery. The London exhibition will open on June 20 and run through July 5.

Korean Eye seeks to create a legacy of Korean contemporary art and the launch of this exhibition in London
provides a unique backdrop for education and appreciation for this rapidly developing art scene which until
now has had little exposure outside Korea. The accompanying catalogue will feature each of the artist’s works available and will become a definitive point of reference for Korean contemporary art.

Founder of Korean Eye David Ciclitira explained his passion for the project “I first visited Korea several years
ago and was amazed at the richness and vibrancy of the country’s contemporary art scene. It became my
mission to ensure that the work and artists enjoy the recognition they deserve on the international stage. It
has been fantastic to work in partnership with both Standard Chartered and with Phillips de Pury & Company.
I would like to thank them and the artists for the support which has made the Korean Eye initiative possible.”

As the main sponsor of the Korean Eye Moon Generation Exhibition, Standard Chartered is promoting Korea
overseas, and is supporting Korean contemporary artists to open up new possibilities in the international art
world. Tim Miller, Director of Standard Chartered, and Chairman of Standard Chartered First Bank Korea said
“As the largest foreign investor in the Korean financial services industry, Standard Chartered can serve as a
bridge between Korea and the rest of the world in promoting Korean contemporary art in the international

Rodman Primack, Phillips de Pury & Company’s Chairman in London says: “We are proud to offer such
quality work that is fresh to the international market where we have witnessed a strong appetite for works
from unchartered areas. Phillips has excelled in bringing new artists to the forefront of the contemporary art
scene and there is no question that these artists will soon become major names.”
Korean Eye will organise an annual exhibition for the next four years with the aim to create an enduring
legacy for Korean contemporary art and chart a path for an impressive cultural contribution to the London
Olympics in 2012. Korean Eye expects to expand the exhibition each year to include additional international

Generation Exhibition
May 18-23: Korean Eye: Moon Generation Preview, Seoul
June 20-July 5: Korean Eye: Moon Generation Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London

Korean Eye is an international initiative founded by David Ciclitira, to highlight the very best of Korean
contemporary art. Korean Eye recognises the need to create a long-term programme for Korean
contemporary art in order to establish a legacy for this emerging art market as Korean art is largely unknown
outside of Korea.
A state of the art website (KoreanEye.org) and reference archive of Korean artworks and artists is to be
established. A new Korean Eye logo has been created by the international brand specialists, Corporate Vision
Korean Eye will also establish links to help build numbers of international art lovers visiting Korea by hosting
a luncheon with art travel agents in London in partnership with Visit Korea.
For more information, please visit: www.KoreanEye.org

David Ciclitira is Chairman of Parallel Media Group plc (“PMG”), the international sports and events company
responsible for initiating the Ballantine’s Championship, Korea’s largest golf tournament.
David is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Art. Over the last 20 years David and his wife Serenella
have funded the Parallel Prize and the Serenella Ciclitira Scholarship for Sculpture.
David has brought together a group of leading Korean artists and galleries to create Korean Eye’s initial
exhibition of Korean contemporary art ‘Moon Generation’. The exhibition, of paintings and sculptures, will be
curated by Dae Hyung Lee, the curator of Blue Dot Asia.

Artists included in the exhibition include:
Choi TaeHoon,Park SeungMo,Bahk SeonGhi,Lee Dongwook,Kim Inbai,Debbie Han,Cho Hoon, Lee Rim ,Kang Hyung Koo,Jeon Junho,Lee Ufan,Sim SeungWook,Park SungTae,Koh MyungKeun,Lee LeeNam,Whang Inkie,
Kim Joon,Park JungHyuk,Yi HwanKwon,Lee Yong Baek,Kwon KiSoo,Hong KyongTack,Jang SeungHyo,
Lee YongDeok,SeungMin Lee,Yoon Jong Seok,Choo JongWan,Han KiChang,Boomoon,Ayoung, Kim Lee, HyungKoo.

Press Release

Rim Lee: Father’s Law

April 11 - May 17, 2014

Opening reception: April 11, 6-8PM.


CHICAGO, IL: Kasia Kay Art Projects is pleased to announce Father’s Law, artist Rim Lee’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. The show features mixed media paintings exhibiting a range of the artist’s practice from her realist and surrealist approach to early work as well as her most recent abstract inventions. An overall focus on the intensity of human emotion is palpable on the walls while an evolution of her ideas is revealed as the pieces unfold.

Lee’s oldest work in the show is a self-portrait, an oil painting titled Absence, which captures a dramatic yet representational image of the artist’s former ideas. This is how the artist’s journey began. The process to make these kind of portraits starts with the application of black paint, either onto Lee’s own body or another model’s nude figure. Documentation photographs of this performance are then re-translated onto a painting through a highly technical process. Both media – of photography and paint - serve as a vehicle to transform a stylistic female form onto canvas in order to tear away the surface between artist and audience. Lee was able to let go of her timidity with these series of paintings and expose an undiscovered part of herself.

Breaking away drastically from this type of performative painting, Lee recently began to make abstract creations – mixed media and oil works mostly on canvas and paper, many of which are present in this exhibition. She was looking to change the style of her artistic communication and add layers to the meaning they conveyed. These abstract works allowed her to be more impulsive and pushed her to use more experimental and bold color. What you see on the walls is not only the expressive gesture rather also the expressive body, trying to discard and re-locate itself within the painted surface.

Rim Lee is an important internationally collected Korean artist who recently exhibited her work at Love Actually, Seoul Museum, Seoul, South Korea (2013), and Can Can China!, Space Can Beijing, Beijing, China (2013). Previously, she has also participated in the Korean Eye Exhibit at MAD, NYC, Korean Eye-Fantastic Ordinary (2010) and Korean Eye-Moon Generation (2009), Saatchi Gallery in London. At Kasia Kay Art Projects, Rim Lee was featured in The Body a 2-person exhibition with Claudia Hart as well as been a part of many international art fairs including: Art Chicago 2010 and 2011 and scope Miami 2011 last December. In 2010 Lee was nominated for the Perrier Jouet Award.

For more information please contact Kasia Kay at info@kasiakaygallery.com or call 312-944-0408.