Qin Fengling’s sculpture installation NO! Tank will be on view at Partisan, a special exhibition of works that explore social and political ideas.

Selected from Art Chicago and NEXT galleries by guest curator Mary Jane Jacob, independent curator and director of exhibitions at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Partisan works represent a multitude of political ideas and positions from around the world. Partisan will be divided into two sections on the Art Chicago show floor: Partisan and Partisan PROJECTS. According to Jacob, “It is no wonder in this day and age that artists are re-engaging one of the most critical subjects in art: the political and social climate, war and survival. Such human dramas that shape destiny have always existed in the history of art, but they are not usually found, no less highlighted, in the environment of an art fair. So this year's ‘Partisan’ show is evidence of inescapable concerns on everyone’s minds and which have a place in every sector of the art world.”