David A. Parker's exhibited in b.a.l.m.'s show TRANS•parent TRANS•lucent and his review wasfeatured in Re-view; Mid America's Visual Arts Publication by Ryan Laferney's "See Through".

TRANS•parent TRANS•lucent is an exhibition that explores the material attributes of the passage of light and its blockage (through opacity and diffusion), as well as the more abstract concepts associated with these terms.

"TRANS•parent TRANS•lucent contains numerous magical and charming surprises. One such example is David Parker’s illusionistic pop-art piece, Untitled (Key), which at first viewing has the power to leave one a bit flabbergasted. The work is a simple key made out of glass and suspended in front of a store mirror. The translucency of the glass key blends into the exterior architecture, and the plane of the store mirror perfect hides it from being too apparent. This illusion renders the key perhaps useless and allows for the piece to have a mystic quality, where truth appears momentarily elusive. Untitled (Key) reminds the viewer that one must look for and work towards uncovering truth. It was a treat to discover such a marvelous little challenging surprise hanging above everyone’s heads."

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