Video Screenings at NOVA Art Fair 2006

April 29, 12-4 pm, Landmark Century Cinemas, 2828 N. Clark St., Chicago

April 27-30, City Suites Hotel, 933 W. Belmont, Chicago, in conjunction with LiveBox Gallery

CHICAGO, IL: Kasia Kay Art Projects announces the screenings of films by gallery artists: Kristin Anderson, Adrian Leverkuhn, Dodda Maggy, Sheila and Nick Pye, and Chris Wasko, at NOVA Art Fair 2006, Chicago.

At the Landmark Century Cinemas, 2828 N. Clark Street, April 29, 12-4, video works by Kristin Anderson, Adrian Leverkuhn, Dodda Maggy, and Sheila and Nick Pye will be featured. Anderson's work Here We Go Again symbolizes the patterns that are formed in each of us during childhood and reappear through life; good and bad habits, frustrations and elations that seem more and more familiar each year. Adrian Leverkuhn's Grain (2006) shows the artist's interest in creating, manipulating and describing spaces that convey the connection of the human body to its surrounding environment. Dodda Maggy's work, Stella, is edited with the same style as one composes music - with highs and lows and a certain rhythm to create tension and emotion. Sheila and Nick Pye present Untitled (2005), which deals with representations of androgyny, autoeroticism and the exploration of gender significance through use of their own bodies.

As a part of NOVA Art Fair 2006, April 27-30 at City Suites Hotel, 933 W. Belmont, and in conjunction with LiveBox Gallery, Kasia Kay Art Projects presents digital works by Kristin Anderson, as well as video works: Stella by Dodda Maggy, and Second Sense by Chris Wasko. Kristin Anderson draws on self-identity issues in Your... digital portrait series. Chris Wasko's work, an appropriated 8mm film from Soviet period, explores nostalgia and the complex dimensions of memory.

Kristin Anderson is a multi-disciplinary conceptual fine artist based in New York City. Her work explores interrelations, interpretations and influences of the concepts of identity, human nature, context, perspective, the role of the image, and the role of the viewer. Anderson's work has been shown in numerous exhibitions nationally and abroad. Her video work was screened at Cinema-scope at ~scope New York 2006, as well as at ~scope New York and Miami, 2005, where he was represented by kasia Kay art projects. A show of her new works, in collaboration with Danny Licul, will be on view at Kasia Kay Art Projects from September 8 – October 7, 2006.


Adrian Leverkuhn has been actively engaged in collaborative projects with emerging artists in the U.S. and Europe, such as the ‘one' netlabel, ‘Lightbox' (with Louisville, KY musician Aaron McCammon / Plosive / apm), Belarussian musician Randomajestiq, Lisa Sipe ('standard deviation' - painting, sound, and performance), and some anonymous projects, among others. His work is in private collections in the U.S, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.


Dodda Maggy is a musician and a video-artist from Iceland. Music and the visual play equal parts in her work, and the narrative, at times limited to subtle change, insinuates feelings which give an audience space to make their own decision about the story. Dodda Maggy graduated from Icelandic Academy of Arts and Grafarvogur Music School in Reykjavik. She has participated in several group shows in Iceland, Austria, France, and the US.


Sheila and Nick Pye are multi-disciplinary artists from Canada who seek in their work to homogenize medium of photography, film, and video in an innovative way. To critique and explore the boundaries of contemporary visual communication is essential to their art practices. In her experimental film and video work Sheila Pye often performs a role of the protagonist. She has received several awards and her work has been shown internationally, most recently in South Korea and Buenos Aires. The work of Nicholas Pye is mainly of photographic nature but he often collaborates on short film and video work with Sheila. He has exhibited in numerous galleries in Toronto and Montreal. Sheila and Nick have upcoming solo exhibitions in New York and Naples, and were invited to particpate in Rencontres Internationale Paris/Berlin. They recently showed with Kasia Kay Art Projects at ~scope New York 2006 and in Cinema-scope at ~scope Miami 2005. A show of their new works will be on view at Kasia Kay Art Projects from June 2 – June 30.


Chris Wasko holds two MFAs, one in Painting from National Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland and the other in photography from Columbia College, Chicago. He has had numerous exhibitions in Chicago and Poland. His video work was screened at Cinema-scope at ~scope New York 2006, as well as at ~scope New York and Miami, 2005, where he was represented by kasia Kay art projects.