Giovanni Marinelli


Jazz for the eye

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

June 24 – July 12, 2011

Opening reception: Friday June 24, 6-8pm


This year, Giovanni Marinelli’s selected work is included in Biennale di Venezia, and on view at Orto dell'Abbondanza Palazzo di Urbino, June 28 to Novembre 27, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.


From a technical point of view taking photographs inside jazz clubs is a real challenge. First of all, in order not to disturb the musical performance of the artists it is not possible to use the flash, rather one has to learn to make use of the lights present on the stage.

One begins to understand then, how Giovanni Marinelli, an Italian photographer who lives and works in Pesaro, has brilliantly overcome this challenge. With his rigorously black and white shots, he has become the narrator and interpreter of a fascinating and evocative world.

The faces, the hands, the gestures, the instruments: all these details seduce the eye of the photographer who knows how to capture the instant of an emotion, to pick up on the thrill of the music under the skin, to give light to sound.

The works which make up this solo exhibition have been selected from among the countless pictures which Giovanni Marinelli has dedicated to Jazz and its protagonists.

His forty-year-long passion for photography has led him to explore different themes which all have in common the in-depth search for a visual dimension in its synthetic values         

The exhibition “Jazz for the eye“ is itinerant. It was held in Milan at the Renzo Cortina Gallery from the 12th to the 30th of April. “Jazz for the eye“ has been organized and produced by I AM, International Art Media – Milano – New York - Chicago, by Stefania Carrozzini. The exhibition is composed of 11 photographs in single copy. 

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