November 21, 2008


Claudia Hart: Digital Baroque (Main Gallery)
Gallery Artists: Winter Group Show (Project Room)
November 21 – December 27, 2008
Opening Reception November 21, 2008, 6 – 9PM

CHICAGO, IL: kasia kay art projects gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new photography by Claudia Hart and the annual Winter Group Show featuring gallery artists Kristin Anderson, Kathryn P. Almanas, Sandra Bermudez, Kim Curtis, Kim Dorland, Qin Fengling, S.J. Hart, Maleonn, David A. Parker and Jaye Rhee.

Instrumentalizing Baroque emotional expression to counteract the sterility of technological culture, Claudia Hart’s PhotoMortifications series continues the artist’s interest in creating unexpected relationships between the long-assumed opposition between women and the natural world and men and technological innovation. This series integrates computer models of digital sculptures that are also output as figurines from a Rapid Prototype 3D printer. The realistic computer models of a female nude are digitally manipulated - even mutilated - creating irregular yet seemingly organic deformations. These figures, which evoke a rotting or decay, are juxtaposed with their very creation: the so-called rational permutations of computer-generated imagery. Hart proposes, then, a digital Baroque, contrasting the emotionality of the figures with the anonymity of digital culture.

After graduating from New York University with a BA cum laude in art history in 1978, Claudia Hart studied architecture at Columbia University and received a MS in 1984. She then practiced as an art and architecture critic, later becoming Reviews Editor at Artforum and an Associate Editor at ID. In 1988 Hart began to shift from criticism to artistic practice, and after receiving an NEA fellowship, the artist moved to Europe where she lived for ten years. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, NY; The Metropolitan Museum, NY; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin. Hart has also studied at NYU’s Center for Advanced Digital Applications in computer animation, and is currently a digital artist and a professor of animation and special effects at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.