David A. Parker
November 19- December 4, 2010
Opening receptiopn: November 19, 6-8pm

Time Switch is a suite of photographs by David A. Parker that addresses time and the body toward expanded notions of self.

Parker has been developing this body of work since 2004, when he discovered a remarkable site near Chicago: a road separating a fossil-rich limestone quarry from a cemetery.  He was struck by this juxtaposition, and the way that it shifts ideas of the self into the eternal terms of geology. The site links humans with ancient creatures that have found new form in limestone; extending further, it hints that we can take myriad forms in concrete, plaster or other derivative materials.  The photographs arose as a personal rumination on this site and its liberating implications that every place, and perhaps every moment, is hybrid - simultaneously ancient and contemporary, historic and full of fleeting life.   

A limited-edition artist book accompanies the exhibition, which is the artist's second solo show with Kasia Kay Art Projects.